Basic toilet training tips for you and your dog!

Just like kids have to be raised properly to succeed in life faster, dogs require excellent trainers in order to achieve their full potential. For starters, everyone in the household will appreciate a well-behaving dog, but it’s much more than that. The dog will be much less stressed and anxious in a variety of situations if trained well.

One of the major examples is toilet training. An essential skill for all dogs big and small, toilet training takes a lot of patience and consideration of your furry friend’s personality.

We’re not going to lie, toilet training may get difficult and a bit frustrating, but our helpful tips below will reduce the stress a lot.

Every dog is an individual. Just like humans, all dogs are different. While it’s perfectly ok to ask for other people’s opinions or consider your own past experiences, it’s very important to remember that every dog will learn at their own pace.

Your approval is great motivation. We’ve been side by side with dogs for a very long while now, and dogs have developed some traits making them much more dependent on humans. While a wild wolf will rarely care about your approval, your household puppy sure will. In fact, your approval is great motivation for your dog, so use this knowledge to your advantage.

Start when the dog is still young. While it’s certainly possible to train a dog of almost any age, it’s best to start when your companion is around 3-4 months of age. Any earlier than that is pretty useless, as your puppy won’t have proper bladder control anyway. Any later – and the training process will inevitably take longer. So aim to hit the sweet spot!

Opportunities are the key. Your dog will comprehend the concept of toilet training much quicker if you keep providing frequent potty opportunities. If you have time, it’s best to go outside first thing in the morning and at least every hour after that. If you can’t afford to spend this much time with your puppy daily, consider hiring a puppy nanny or at least stick to a very regular schedule.

Provide regular meals. Speaking of regular schedules, it must apply to meal times too! No snacking between meals, no random treats, nada. You get the idea.

Be with your dog. Even if it’s just a backyard stroll, stay with your dog until the potty business is taken care of. Don’t be lazy, as just opening the back door and letting the dog out doesn’t provide enough motivation.

Praise success. Praise it hard. A treat, a longer walk, some cuddles… Let your puppy know how happy you are right now!

In summary, lots of attention, love and positive reinforcement will take you there in no time. Be patient with your dog – and your efforts will be rewarded very soon. 

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Dog Training

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Alright, dog training is a process to know the behavior of a dog and to make his actions more manners full.Dog owners want his dog or doggy to behave in such a manner that other people praise their dog very much.

It now becomes a culture for dog lovers to train their dogs.

Sometimes they teach them their own and sometimes they hire professional trainers for the purpose. Both are good depending on an individual to how to train a dog.

Peoples who choose to train their dog their own sometimes read the books available in the market to how to train a dog or how to make your dog more different to other dogs. It is a good decision for dog lovers to teach their dog in their own manner to make him he wants to be.

They who chooses to hire a person or professional to train dog is a costly iooption but it is good for a dog to train by a professional because a professional know how to train a dog and due to his long time experience with different dogs, he can know better for a dog and its owner they know how to deal with the dog so that dog will learn more comfortable with such a person.

A dog trainer can give a dog proper and nutritious food because he knows that which food is good for a dog which makes him more efficient and more active to do much better activities.

There are several methods to train a dog like Koehler method which is best known to people.

Motivate the dog is an another procedure for a dog training.

Relati45onship based training is also a fruitful option for a dog.

The best thing in the training of a dog is to know the personality activity of a dog. It gives so much information to a dog owner about his dog that how to react to the different behavior of a dog in different circumstances.

Dog training also tells about that when a dog reacts and gives accurate timing of reinforcement.

The most important part of the dog training is that the owner should know when and how to punish its pet in a manner that a dog can learn what to do and when he have to react to different things.

Dog training also plays an important role in communication with the dog that a dog can listen his master and a master or owner can read his dog. It will help the dog to recognize the voices humans. Visuals also train a dog that he may learn from his trainer how to deal with complex spoken commands.1

Dog training is a process in which a dog takes commands and performs actions which are not natural to a dog. It also raises a dog to modify its natural digging, barking, and good behavior.

To train a dog is an art because it is a process of teaching to a living being.